Saturday, September 8, 2012

updates on my not so fascinating life

I cannot believe that I just sat here and read this blog from start to finish. I just couldnt stop. Of course now its 2:30 am and I am going to really regret doing so in a few hours time when I have to be all perfect housewife and mother.

But dude, interesting read.

And here I am again. I'm not sure whats really been going on with me for the last year or so, I've never been quite so disconnected from the online universe. It was unheard of for me to go months without an entry...and here I am with months between even logging into my account - blog, twitter, you name it - I've neglected it.

Life continues to spiral out of control. We are barely hanging on by a thread! Its funny, because for the last few years when things get particularly crazy, we tell ourselves "it's only for a short time...soon we'll be able to relax a bit" but then every single time, something else comes along and it just never slows down!

Current big news is that we are moving again. We did put our beautiful home on the market, but after about 6 weeks, when we had no bidders at the auction and no serious interest, we decided to rent it out instead. And perhaps it was a blessing in disguise because the market is just shite at the moment and we would have taken a loss. This way we do have a small shortfall each week between what we pay out in mortgage and bills etc vs the rent we receive but it's fairly small. And you never know, if the market recovers well, it may prove to be the absolute best thing we could do.

On the very upside, it rented super fast and for the full amount I wanted, so thats a bonus.

And yes, as I said, we are moving again. This time into a rental. I was looking for a house to buy, but without selling our house, we really didn't have the money for another deposit/fees to buy again. So I was also looking for the "perfect rental". And it just so happened to come absolute steal at less than half the market rent - becuase it has a silly HIA order on it - which is nigh on impossible to remove. So it was declared substandard, and even though the owner has done heaps of work to upgrade it, the order remained in place. So I went along to the first inspection and was first to submit an application. I tell you, when she said we were successful it was like winning the lottery. The house is huge and has a huge backyard. It is also in one of the best streets in our area.

This way we keep all our investment properties and wait for the market to recover, and slowly pay back what we have borrowed from our parents. With what we can save, we can easily be debt free in less than 2 years :) It will be interesting to be tenants again and on the other side of the coin.

The kids are all doing well. Manny has regressed a little lately and is somewhat...unruly...but most of the time I can handle it. Bumbles is still a shocking sleeper, but hopefully that will improve. He is sitting up unassisted and playing a lot now, and on the verge of crawling. He is truly the sunniest, happiest, smiliest baby out. He charms everyone he meets. I can't even believe he is 7.5 months old already! And Rocket, well he's actually doing really well! He has a great little group of friends at school, is really showing skillls at basketball, and is actually doing homework. Sometimes he is even helpful around the house! Wonders truly will never cease :P

And now I really must go to sleep. I have two photoshoots tomorrow and an event in the evening so I really need the sleep!

Hasta Luego
(hopefully not too much luego)...


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