Sunday, January 10, 2010

the intro

New Year
New Blog
New Start


I've been blogging since 2002.

In that time I have:
raised my (almost) 8 year old son;
started, and quit, law school;
kicked an addiction (or three);
come out to my family;

met my soulmate;
bought and renovated our first home;
started (and deferred) my dream degree in architecture;
given birth to, and said goodbye to my beloved second son;
grieved, and grieved, and raged against the world;
given birth to my beloved, robust, third son;
(partly) renovated our second home;
and through it all,
learned so much about myself, my world, and the people in it.

I have been considering a new blog for months. My old blog is so full of - as one of my much loved readers put it "fierce love, rage and sadness", and I can't stay there any more. So this one is just for me. I have composed entries in my head (as I know many of us do) while driving, while tossing and turning at night, and while watching tv. But that elusive first entry...I didn't know how to I'm just going to throw it all out there.

This is me. I'm sarcastic. I curse. I love anything vintage. I am fiercely loyal. I have a million opinions and I know you want to hear them all. I am full of love. Woo me with a witty comment and I'm yours.

At the end of the day, I am a (somewhat) reformed wild child still trying to adapt to my new role as a housewife and mother...stick around, this could get interesting...


  1. Wow Suzy, I'm already a huge fan of your blog! You left a comment on mine, and I always check out commenters' blogs. You have achieved so much, been through so much, and here you are finally doing what you wanted to all along. I'm saddened to hear about your second son, but so touched about the way you write about your other two. Your partner is one lucky woman! But I'm sure she knows that :)

  2. Can the last sentence describe me too? Please? ;) I'm sticking around.. I like you. And well, your name is just fab! :) Looking forward to reading more about you.

  3. Stopping by to say hi...


  4. I love vintage, too! our kitchen needs to be redone, but I love the original 1962 appliances!

    ~Jem (ICLW #5)



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