Sunday, April 25, 2010

The first steps towards my Empire

So I've decided to stop letting everything get in the way of me doing what I want to be doing. So instead of doing housework...I'm blogging ;)

But seriously...I've been carrying around and nurturing a business idea for a while now, and have decided that if I'm going to get pregnant again (please god please) I should start getting things in motion so that when I have to leave my "real job" again, I can pick up on this and maybe (shock horror) actually get it off the ground.

Started taking baby steps yesterday, doing research on legalities and possible premises...very exciting (read: terrifying) but I think this might actually be it for me (I have one of these brilliant business ideas about twice a year and never follow through!)

And in big news, since starting this entry I decided to bite the bullet and register the domain name! This is something I have looked at over and over for various business ideas, but now it is DONE. I am terribly excited. More news will be revealed as I feel that I's all secret squirrel for now...

First step on the way to establishing my Empire ;)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

If you didn't laugh, you'd cry...

So after deciding to be more positive, I found myself faced with two awful days where nothing went right! I have to say, to my credit, that I didn't let any of it affect me too badly (though I did a fair amount of sulking on Thursday night!)

Thursday started well, with playgroup in the morning (I love my playgroup friends) but sucked a little because I had to leave early to go for an u/s and bloods. Lets not delve too deeply into the u/s ... safe to say it wasn't the highlight of my day. Saying "ew" should be just about enough to cover it!
Then I went to get bloods done, and I made sure they booked it for the clinic where I know the phlebotomist is really good at drawing my blood (I have notoriously difficult veins which often ends in 20cm bruises up and down my arms). I was happy to see her there and happily chatted with her (what I could understand...her english isnt quite up there yet) while I waited. She asked, in a conspiratorial voice "this it very expensive?" I laughed and said "Yes. VERY" and left it at that.

I was feeling ok at this point. Until she stuck me. And it hurt. But I was determined to have a good day so I walked out smiling. Until I pulled off the tape (which caused a reaction and made my arm bright red...NEVER happened before) and discovered a giant bruise. Great. So now I look like a junkie...

Was going to get the train home as Monster was asleep in his stroller and I could get him on and off without him waking...but no, trains weren't running. So in and out of the stroller it was, with him waking and therefore only having a ten minute sleep all day.
Went in to pick up my contact lenses, and they had ordered the wrong prescription. I was currently wearing two left lenses from different sets and pretty desperate, so I took the wrong prescription and threatened that they better check the prescription next time so I'm not going all the way in there for nothing!

Got home, all pumped to finally get some housework achieved...and discovered my mum's dog who we are babysitting while she's in Singapore, had found some sort of hideous sticky grass seeds and rolled around in them and was matted up literally to her eyeballs. Her floppy ears were so matted they were sticking out at 90 degree angles to her head! I just wanted to cry. But instead I sat down and tried to comb them out. IMPOSSIBLE. Have you ever had to call an emergency dog groomer? Who knew there even was such a thing?

What, your dog groomer doesnt drive around in a giant blue dog??

I called and he was there within the hour. I was so relieved I could cry! He got as much out as he could then had to shave her ears off :( I was feeling like I just wanted the day over by this point but was trying to stay upbeat. Then the lovely groomer turned around, brought her in and said "no charge". I could have kissed him. I was so grateful I tried to give him something, but he refused. I tell you what, my faith in mankind was restored by that gesture, and I felt like it was my reward for not letting everything get me down! I did have a bit of a sook in the evening though, and my angelic wife went out and bought me chinese honey chicken and that pretty much made everything better!

Friday I had to work and lets just say within ten minutes of arriving, our server crashed and three computers crapped out and died. The day didnt really improve too much from there. But I kept on keeping on, and then today (Saturday) had the most wonderful day with some friends...and I feel like "i can actually do this" it's not too overwhelming right now, and the more positivity I have, the better I am feeling.

And I can do with all the positivity I can get right now leading up to this, our one and only shot at another baby! Speaking of which I better sign off and go shoot my wife up with some drugs ;) and Or.galu.tran that is...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Extended Leave of Absence

If it's true what they say...that absence makes the heart grow fonder...then y'all should be pretty darn fond of me by now!

In all's been a rough few weeks. I am trying to break myself out of the funk I find myself in...but it's not proving as easy as it once was. I am dwelling on things that cannot be changed and just generally feeling sorry for myself. Pity Party for One, right here.

But I can't carry on like this much longer! I have written and discarded dozens of entries over the past few weeks because they were all the same whiny bollocks that no-one wants to read (I didn't even want to write them and often stopped halfway through and walked away)

I am working on finding my Happy again. I miss my Happy.

I can't change the fact that I have to work at the moment. So I should just deal with it and try to find better ways of coping with life while working. Easier said than done...

But onwards and upwards, as they say! Let's be honest, it's all up from where I am right now.

Stay tuned for a non whiny/boo hoo/woe is me post soon...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 101 Award

It's been one of those days where it is hard to see the good in life. One of those days where I just feel a deep, deep sadness inside. My first mistake was starting the day with a visit to the cemetary where I thoroughly depressed myself reading headstone after tiny headstone. I don't know what's worse - feeling like you are the only one to feel this way, the only one who knows how much it hurts to bury your child...or to realise that you aren't the only one who feels this way - there are so many parents feeling the exact same way.

Now that I've dragged you down to my level...this is something that made me smile :) And I need to remember on days like today that there is so much beauty in the world and so many things to be happy about!

My dear Soo.See over at Holy Moly Toledo(s) gifted me this award awhile ago:

When you receive the Happy 101 Award, you have to list 10 things that make your day and then list 10 blogs worthy of this award. Post a link to the blogs you nominate, and make sure you let them know that they have been nominated!

(1) op shops. Finding little treasures for small prices makes my day, absolutely
(2) iced coffee. I cannot live without it. Strange as it is, it comforts me
(3) monster baby's laugh. He has the funniest laugh, I should video it and share. It's hysterical
(4) photography. Capturing a moment and keeping it forever
(5) snuggling with Mim. The time at night when we lie in bed and watch Family Guy or K&K (yes every night) is possibly my favourite part of the day
(6) blogging. I don't blog as much as I want to, but I think about it all the time
(7) baking. I adore nothing more than filling my home with the delicious scent of baked goods
(8) baths. Is there anything better than soaking in a hot hot bath in the dark?
(9) the internets. Do I need to explain why I love thee?
(10) getting dressed up and doing my hair properly (pin curls etc) and feeling like a vintage princess :)

Hmm 10 Sweet Friends? How to choose?

My Soul Sister Kristi at Healing.Dealing.Dreaming
Pleasantly Furious

K@lakly at this is not what i had planned
K at Waiting for Sunflower
Leda at The Babbling Bitter (Infertile) Bitch
My Dear Heather at The Road to Normalsville
DG at WTF Happened to Kansas
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Claire at Happy-Go-Lucky
G$ at Makes You Stronger

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter for Kids who can't have Chocolate...

Growing up, I was on a strict zero sugar diet for quite a few years. It was hard to stick to, as almost everything processed has sugar in it. I wasn't a fan of carob at all either (ew). Easter was a particularly hard time for me as I watched everyone get mountains of chocolates! My parents always got me a giant stuffed rabbit and various other little things to make up for it.

My Rocket has a sugar intolerance. Unlike mine (which was a health issue) his is behavioural. If he has more than a small amount of sugar, his behaviour is atrocious. And of course, he gets in trouble for it. He also can't control his emotions, so when he gets in trouble he wails and cries like we've just told him he has to sleep outside with no dinner, when in fact we've simply said something like "quit swinging off the balcony while shrieking the theme song of Spongebob Squarepants".

People used to think we were cruel for not letting him have sugary sweet things, so they would sneak them to him behind our backs. I tell you what is cruel - giving him sugary things. Because all it does is end with him in trouble, us with headaches, and him crying his eyes out. GIVING him sugar is cruel.

The point of all this is to say that I - like my parents - have had to be creative with avoiding chocolates as gifts at Easter. It is a tradition now that we give each other shoes at Easter. Really cool shoes, mind you, like Chucks with flames on the sides! This year we went with slippers and ugg boots though because coming into winter we are going to need them!

This year I came up with my favourite idea yet though....

I bought a packet of plastic eggs from the dollar store that flip open for you to put little gifts in:

I already had some packets of Lego that came free in a box of cookies a while ago (so yes, I went and bought about 20 boxes of these cookies when they were marked down!):

I broke up the Lego sets into little pieces and put a few pieces into each little egg:

I plan on hiding these all around our shack for him to find on Easter morning - that way he gets a special Easter themed treat that is not chocolate - AND - we get something to keep him occupied for some time while he puts them together! (AND the whole thing cost a grand total of $2!)

I love these eggs, I think we'll be reusing these for many different things in years to come!

Do you have any special Easter treats for your kids that are not chocolate related?? Please share :)


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