Sunday, May 23, 2010

10 things you never needed to know.

So every month I promise myself that I will write a proper ICLW introduction post. Or one of those fancy A-Z things. Or, you know, anything. And every single month...the 21st rolls around (at the same time every month) and I am woefully unprepared. This month is no exception.

So instead, here are 10 random useless facts that have no bearing on anything at all. Ever.

(1) my mother never bought me a trampoline. Said they were too dangerous. So instead as a small child I used to climb up a 50ft pine tree and bounce on the branches. Which do you suppose was more dangerous? She would claim that clearly the trampoline was still more dangerous because I never fell out the tree, did I? She'll go to extreme lengths to be right.

(2) I was an odd child. My favourite books when I was in 3rd grade were Agatha Christie novels. My son, who is now 8, reads comics and books with fart jokes. Ahh the differences between boys and girls. Actually, come to think of it, he has the same reading tastes as my 29 year old future wife. So perhaps it's just that I was exceptionally odd. Or that they both are. Lets go with that last one shall we?

(3) I am not afraid of heights, but I am afraid to get too close to the edge of a balcony or anything where I could "fall" off, as I have always been scared that one day I might snap and throw myself off a tall building.

(4) I am double jointed in most of my fingers. This is a direct result of having most of my fingers dislocated time after time as a child. Playing netball outside in the hills while it hails and snows will do that to you. I rather enjoy the double jointedness though. Bending my fingers in funny ways and waving them in my mother's face is the quickest way to gross her out. And one of the only ways I could get her to leave me alone as a child. Dislocated fingers FTW

(5) I have changed my name legally about 3 times (and plan on at least one more soon)...

(6) I am both hyper and hypo glycaemic depending on the day of the week, and my body doesnt make iron stores meaning I am pretty much constantly anaemic

(7) I spent years as a child insomniac and used to climb out my window at 2am and sit down by the river...or sing to the cows (when we lived on a farm, clearly) and climb back in my window at 6am. My mother was none the wiser

(8) I had lived in three different countries and visited 12 before I turned 21. I went to high school in Italy and University in Spain

(9) I am hopelessly addicted to Iced Coffee and must have one every day

(10) This is the last non pg photo of me taken by my Rocket before school a few weeks ago. He loves getting hold of my camera and telling me where to stand. How jealous are you of my flamingos in my front yard. And my caravan. More on that to come ;)


  1. Your comment on my blog just made my day! Thanks for giving me some hope Suzy! Oh...and congrats on being preggers!

  2. You're so pretty! Glad to finally see a pic of you!

  3. I think i might actually be jealous of your caravan.....

  4. I wish we had a caravan. They have an unfair trailertrash reputation round here though.


    Omg you are HOT. Are you an Americano? I *think* you are .... haven't discerned yet. Maybe an Aussie? I can always tell a really cool American - and you are it, baby. XOX



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