Monday, May 9, 2011


Today can go die in a hole.

Aside from the absolute shittiness already reported (see below), we got home to find a little kitty that I've seen in our backyard a few times, crying in the bushes. I grabbed a towel and picked him up in case he bit me - it was dark and I couldn't see what was wrong with him to start. I took him into the light, and saw his tail was stripped down to the skin and bone, and got scared and stopped looking. We rushed him to the vet (who luckily is open until 7pm) and there I saw the extent of the damage, one of his legs was just exposed bone and he was not in good shape. As he was a stray without a microchip, and he was in so much pain, the most humane thing was to have him put to sleep. I watched them take him down the back and walked out on the verge of sobbing, simply holding myself together for the boys.

Only to get into the car for MIL to tell us that her cancer is back, and it has spread.

Seriously, today can fuck off.

(and I can't even go cry in bed because MIL is still here being all perky and rah!rah!fightthecancer! so I have to pretend to be an optimist when we know I am NOT, instead of curling up and pretend today never happened)


  1. Oh man. The universe really needs to cut you a break. :(

  2. Hugs for you and a big fat PFFFFFTHTT for the universe.


  3. oh no :( *huge huge hugs* xoxox

  4. Oh dear God I'm so sorry that is awful! Sending so much love your way, that kindness and compassion you showed to that kitten in need will come back to you and I hope soon because you deserve some good news. Holding hope for your mother in law and wishing you the strength and support you need to get through this challenging time ((hugs))

  5. oh suzy i'm so sorry.

    very sad about the cat and terribly about your mil but i do admire her fightin spirit.


  6. Uhg. I am so very sorry. Seriously. "Things were bad then I had to put a stray kitten to sleep in the middle of it" has to be the bottom.

  7. Oh Suzy, how horrible. So heartbreaking about both the kitten and your MIL. You really are due to catch a break or 500. Hugs:)

  8. Oh wow - this is too much. I'm so sorry.



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