Monday, January 11, 2010

If this weather doesn't break soon, I might.

Ugh. If this weather doesn't break soon, I might.
110F/43C for 3 days running.
And the week before was only a few degrees cooler.
I think I can feel a breeze rolling in off the water and it's rumoured to break later tonight - here's hoping. My poor lil fella is 10 months old and just not liking the heat. He is drenched in sweat for most of the day and playing in the shower any chance he gets.

The only thing worse than 110F heat, is having to renovate in 110F heat. That's right, given that we are now on a deadline for project house #2 to be on the market by February, every spare minute has been spent around there fixing kitchen cupboards, creating wardrobe doors, hanging bathroom doors, and painting every single door and window frame in the place. I honestly can't believe we spent two full days (8hrs+) working in this weather. But hey, it has to be done. The sooner the better.

And it will be fabulous when it's done. I hope it is fabulous when it's done. I mean - this is what we were working with:
So pretty much anything we do will look a hundred times better!

Best be off - another long day of painting door frames awaits me tomorrow...

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