Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My "Real Job" part deux

Shortly after my decision to quit Law, I met my soulmate.
After a year together I realised my first dream - to own my own home. And we set to work painting, decorating, and making a home.

At the same time, after quitting law, I decided to do the thing I had wanted to do since I was five years old, and I entered university to become an architect. Shortly after that I conceived my second son. I studied through my entire pregnancy. I finished my first year at the top of the class. I was delighted. (Just call me Little Suzy family do). Of course the way I did this was to stay up all night studying and working on projects, often until 4:30am, and then getting up at 7am to get Rocket ready for school. I couldn't really continue on that way forever, especially as I was about to give birth.

And then, of course, everything changed.

My Tiny Man died, and then he was born, and I retreated into myself.

I did not go back to uni...I went back to my job as a legal assistant and re-evaluted my life.

What I decided was that the most important thing in my life was my family. My partner and my children. I decided that while I loved architecture, I could not see myself pursuing it as a career, because it would take me away from my children and my home far too much. Because, as previously stated, I am Little Suzy Overachiever and I throw myself into whatever I am doing. I am passionate about anything I do, whether it is scrubbing a floor or redesigning a commerical property.

I decided the best place for my passion was my home, and my family. So I ditched the idea of a "career" and stunned my family yet again. I dedicated my future to my family.

And being a housewife became my "real job". It is actually something I thought would NEVER happen, and if you asked my mother she would agree that the idea of me finding cleaning a house enjoyable would have been laughable a few years ago.

But here I am.

So now I just need to learn how to be a good housewife...hmmm

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