Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 101 Award

It's been one of those days where it is hard to see the good in life. One of those days where I just feel a deep, deep sadness inside. My first mistake was starting the day with a visit to the cemetary where I thoroughly depressed myself reading headstone after tiny headstone. I don't know what's worse - feeling like you are the only one to feel this way, the only one who knows how much it hurts to bury your child...or to realise that you aren't the only one who feels this way - there are so many parents feeling the exact same way.

Now that I've dragged you down to my level...this is something that made me smile :) And I need to remember on days like today that there is so much beauty in the world and so many things to be happy about!

My dear Soo.See over at Holy Moly Toledo(s) gifted me this award awhile ago:

When you receive the Happy 101 Award, you have to list 10 things that make your day and then list 10 blogs worthy of this award. Post a link to the blogs you nominate, and make sure you let them know that they have been nominated!

(1) op shops. Finding little treasures for small prices makes my day, absolutely
(2) iced coffee. I cannot live without it. Strange as it is, it comforts me
(3) monster baby's laugh. He has the funniest laugh, I should video it and share. It's hysterical
(4) photography. Capturing a moment and keeping it forever
(5) snuggling with Mim. The time at night when we lie in bed and watch Family Guy or K&K (yes every night) is possibly my favourite part of the day
(6) blogging. I don't blog as much as I want to, but I think about it all the time
(7) baking. I adore nothing more than filling my home with the delicious scent of baked goods
(8) baths. Is there anything better than soaking in a hot hot bath in the dark?
(9) the internets. Do I need to explain why I love thee?
(10) getting dressed up and doing my hair properly (pin curls etc) and feeling like a vintage princess :)

Hmm 10 Sweet Friends? How to choose?

My Soul Sister Kristi at Healing.Dealing.Dreaming
Pleasantly Furious

K@lakly at this is not what i had planned
K at Waiting for Sunflower
Leda at The Babbling Bitter (Infertile) Bitch
My Dear Heather at The Road to Normalsville
DG at WTF Happened to Kansas
N at Two Hot Mamas
Claire at Happy-Go-Lucky
G$ at Makes You Stronger


  1. Thanks for sharing. I've been having a rough few days myself and I could use a happy meme to do. Thanks for the tag and its always nice to learn more about my fellow bloggy friends.

  2. Ohhh, Yay! This will give me something to do tomorrow while I wait some more. :) I DO know what you mean about the sadness of knowing your NOT alone, I think that's what has my anxiety ramped up. Love you!

  3. Thanks! :) I popped in to see what you are up to, and was surprised with a mention!



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