Sunday, April 25, 2010

The first steps towards my Empire

So I've decided to stop letting everything get in the way of me doing what I want to be doing. So instead of doing housework...I'm blogging ;)

But seriously...I've been carrying around and nurturing a business idea for a while now, and have decided that if I'm going to get pregnant again (please god please) I should start getting things in motion so that when I have to leave my "real job" again, I can pick up on this and maybe (shock horror) actually get it off the ground.

Started taking baby steps yesterday, doing research on legalities and possible premises...very exciting (read: terrifying) but I think this might actually be it for me (I have one of these brilliant business ideas about twice a year and never follow through!)

And in big news, since starting this entry I decided to bite the bullet and register the domain name! This is something I have looked at over and over for various business ideas, but now it is DONE. I am terribly excited. More news will be revealed as I feel that I's all secret squirrel for now...

First step on the way to establishing my Empire ;)


  1. That's great! Starting your own business is a bold step, I'm excited to hear more about it!

  2. That's great! I have an idea as well that I tip toed on, but don't know if I can fully submerge into it - so I know the fear all too well.


  3. Congratulations! Wishing you all the best...can't wait to hear what the big plan is!!

    happy iclw

  4. Sounds very exciting! Hoping it all works out for you!

    from ICLW



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