Tuesday, November 23, 2010

surgery day

Just a quick one as I am overloaded with work today.

First off some good news: my little man is all healed and home from hospital!!

and today is Nic's surgery. Please hold her and her partner close in your thoughts and prayers for me today. She is being such a trooper, she just takes everything in her stride. It's her partner that needs our support as she has to sit and wait in the ICU until they can bring her around.

I will be back to blogging soon (I hope) when all my energy isn't being diverted elsewhere - when nic is home where she belongs fit and healthy (and cancer free please).


  1. My hugs and thoughts for all the people in your life. Good luck to Nic and her partner - and you...

    And yay that your little guy is at home!!!

  2. Hello from ICLW! Saying prayers for your friend and your beautiful angel. I have an angel as well.


  3. You get everything you ask from me and more.

    Best thoughts coming your way.

  4. Keeping Nic and her partner in my thoughts today and hoping your life starts it's climb back UP to the top of the rollercoaster soon!


  5. I'm here from ICLW! : ) Sending you lovins. I look forward to following your blog- I have an angel too. <3

  6. I'm dropping in from ICLW. I had my comments eaten yesterday, but wanted to say that you were in my thoughts and hoping all went well. It seems like one long list of crap is going on and I hope that there's a nice calm spot ahead for respite.

  7. Hi Suzy.. thinking of you and your friend and sending love and prayers...



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