Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Thirds

It has started.

All the third not-birthdays are rolling around. Which means it is only a matter of months before it is my Starbaby's third not-birthday.

To all the members of my DBMafia - whether you are here reading this or not - your babies live on in my heart. They all made a mark on me in such a profound way and they will always be loved. Those of you missing your little ones all about to "turn" three - I was there with you in the beginning, you saved me, you saved my sanity and my life - to know that I wasn't alone - to know that what I felt was ok - I cannot imagine how I would have passed those first months without you.

To my DBMafia...I remember. I love them too. Happy Third Birthdays, I wish we could see you all blowing out your candles and opening your gifts. I hope you are all partying together somewhere in the stars.


  1. Hugs. So many hugs.

  2. *hugs* to you ... and candles lit for the not-birthdays ... for Starbaby, and all of the others we are remembering.

  3. Hugs, candles lit, tears shed, smiles shared, sweet babies remembered:)

  4. I actually questioned your math at first. How did we go from counting weeks to years? *Love you soul sister*

  5. Sending love! Augh - like Kristi said - when did we change from months to years? You have helped carry me over the past three years.I love you!!!!



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