Monday, December 20, 2010

Five Years

Friday the 17th December 2010 marked five wonderful, long, devastating, superb, happy, sad, amazing years with my would-be-wife.

It amazes me that it has only been five years as I believe we have endured more sadness and felt more joy than I think some couple would in twenty years.

I planned a surprise night away here:

and was hoping like mad that she wasn't planning a night out or a dinner secretly as well. I tried all week to find out if she had planned anything...turns out I needn't have worried, she completely forgot! I asked her to call past my mum's work to pick something up for me, and when she saw me there she was so confused. I didn't tell her anything, just said "surprise!"
Put the baby seat in mum's car and packed her off with the kids and Lou was even more confused (mum was in on the plan). Got back in the car and she could NOT figure out what was going on...until we walked into the hotel! "What's this about?" she asked, and I pointed to the "Happy Anniversary" card I had put on the table.

"OH!" she says "I remembered last week then I forgot again!"

We had a remedial massage in room which was sorely needed (we both have the bones/joints of an 80 year old - her from football, me from breaking horses) and lay around eating and watching movies. Slept in uninterrupted. It was heavenly. Then we went home to the screaming mess that is our house (and children). Decided we should do that at least every 3 months :)

And am I upset that she forgot? Absolutely not! It's awesome for two reasons: (1) I wanted it to be a surprise, and it really was and (2) I can hold it over her for the NEXT five years that she forgot our anniversary :)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Glad you guys got to enjoy some much needed rest & relaxation together and that you were able to pull of the surprise!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! So glad you guys got to have some nice stuff amongst all the crap you've had to deal with lately. <3

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm glad you're not upset that she forgot BUT love the fact that your mind works like mine... "I can hold it over her for the NEXT five years that she forgot our anniversary" LOL

    I'm glad you got some time out together...


  4. Happy anniversary!! What a wonderful way to celebrate each other! Wishing you many more happy years together ... and a life full of the best kinds of gifts.

  5. Glad something finally worked out the way you planned! Congrats!

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! My hubby and I just celebrated our 4th (on Dec. 13) ... What a WONDERFUL surprise :)

    I looked around your blog a little and my heart goes out to you. Your Star is adorable, as are Rocket and Monster (I got their names right, right?) ... anywhoo... I feel your pain, and I want to share a little something with you about me. I have a Trisomy baby also, no, not a baby with Downs ... I was told 9 years ago that the baby that I carried wouldn't survive the pregnancy, that if he did, he would die shortly after birth, and if by some miracle he made it home, he would be so mentally and physically delayed it "wouldn't be worth it" ... I went through most of my pregnancy as a zombie, afraid to get attached but completely unable to not love this baby with all my heart. I fought 5 years to have this miracle in my life, and when the DR highly suggested that I terminate, I bucked, told him no thank you, I would accept any time I had with my baby and love him. There was no other choice for me. I couldn't bare to buy things, but I was given things, we got some used things, and then ... I got sick, he was in distress, and he came early ... he was 1lb 12oz baby boy when he was born. He was alive and he was fighting, and to the shock and amazement of the DRs... he has spent the last 8 years fighting and shocking. I fully believe that every child is brought to us for a reason, and no matter the time they have with us, they have more impact on us then we do with them. It was a hard choice for me to try again.. and I got another unique child, and yet we tried again and got a completely healthy baby... and with that, I'll let you decide if you want to read more of our story or not.

    I can only hope for healing for you and your family. I hope that every day moments of watching your children bring nothing but joy to your heart. Star will always be a part of all of you, and everyone who reads your story. That's all we can ask. Our special children, our angles leaving a mark...

    Happy ICLW from #37 and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!

    That looks like a great hotel, I am so glad you guys were able to get away, sleep and reconnect!

    Happy ICLW

  8. Happy Anniversary! So glad you had some wonderful time with Lou - you both deserve it!

  9. Hi, stopping by for ICLW. Happy Anniversary! What an amazing gift to give! You must be a romantic. On another note, so sorry to hear about your loses. Merry Christmas to you!
    ICLW #69

  10. Happy belated Anniversary, 5 years is an awesome accomplishment! The hotel you went to looks beautiful and very modern. I would love to run away for a night with my wife and just relax. Maybe for our next anniversary i'll do somethng similar.




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