Friday, March 25, 2011

home at last

oh it was almost one of those "kiss the ground" moments when we finally touched down in our home town this morning!

It was a good holiday but oh my it was hard work. Hard Work. If it was just the toddler, or just the 9 year old, perhaps it would have been ok. But both of them? Whew! It reinforced for me that I am certainly not cut out to homeschool as I do not have the patience! I think we survived really well though, for living in each others pockets 24/7 for the last 3 weeks.

On the upside we went a full three weeks with no phone and no watch, virtually completely apart from our regular lives and it was a great break, time to really think about some changes we want to make in our lives and re-establish our family.

I should be sleeping now but I just feel wacky which is making it hard. I really should though as I have a wedding tomorrow that I have to do bridesmaids hair for so I have to at least try and get over this jetlag nonsense!

Just wanted to pop by and say hey, I'm baaaaack ;)


  1. Welcome back, Suzy! I'm sure you're incredibly exhausted, but the vacation sounds wonderful and so good for your family!

  2. welcome back!!

    great to hear that you had a great time but are glad to be back - holidays are funny like that, you can have a brilliant time away but it always feels soooo good to be home.




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