Friday, June 10, 2011

something feels different

and I'm not sure why. I don't know whether it's because the last miscarriage was a while ago now, because we're not dealing with the increased risk of miscarriage that comes with IVF anyway, because we know I have succesfully conceived and carried two genetically healthy babies before or what it is, but we both feel like this one is different.

I really hope our feelings are on the money because I know we will both be even more heartbroken (if that's possible) if this ends badly. Lou has literally, and I mean literally had her fingers crossed since I flew out two weeks ago. It makes her look very awkward. But she refuses to uncross them. I never realised just how superstitious she is!

It feels different physically too. Every other pregnancy for me has started with very, very early nausea (before even testing). None this time round, all I am is extremely hungry and extremely tired. Who knows what this means, if anything!

All I know is that we are praying with everything in us that this is it.


Just got my first beta back - 330 :)

Was hoping for super off the charts high but its higher than the miscarriages were so fingers are still crossed! I'm guessing about two weeks till first scan.

Hurdle #1 - BFP (10dpo extremely faint - 12dpo strong line)
Hurdle #2 - Beta (16dpo - Beta HCG 330)

Hurdle #3 - Ultrasound (6 weeks)
Hurdle #4 - Usual miscarriage point (7 weeks)
Hurdle #5 - Nuchal screening to check if baby has trisomies (12 weeks)
Hurdle #6 - Anomaly scan - check for trisomy markers (18 weeks)
Hurdle #7 - Make it to 36 weeks without losing my mind/the baby.


  1. ohh good luck, I'm holding my breath, this is just as awkward a look as keeping fingers crossed lol

  2. Walking with your toes crossed is a bit awkward too...

    Sending good vibes.


  3. wow congrats, how lucky are you, here's hoping everything else continues to be well....


  4. Flying over that second hurdle, keep it up!! Keeping my fingers crossed while typing is also awkward :)

  5. Fabulous beta! I'm really hoping that this one is different!!! Everything's crossed...

  6. I have fallen madly in love with your blog over the last 24 hours. My wife and I live in the States and are expecting again (almost 8 weeks) after a very traumatic 14 week loss this past January. It's of great comfort to me to find other bloggers out there who share similar shades of our excitement, trepidation, and complexity of joy. I wish you, your partner, this pregnancy, and your whole family a tremendous amount of good fortune and blessings. I will continue to follow your journey!

  7. 330 at 16dpo is pretty great, I think! Fingers crossed for more easily passed hurdles.

  8. Crossing fingers with you ...

  9. Yes!!! Hoping your luck has indeed turned and it's clear sailing all the way!

  10. Thanks so much for your commend on my blog. Thank you also for sharing your story here. I read your posts about losing your baby and my heart goes out to you.

    I'm crossing every finger and toe that you cruise through the rest of those hurdles. I'll be following along!



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