Thursday, October 20, 2011

Discriminating against toddlers??

Today I am linking up with Thankful Thursdays at Kate's blog...but I am finding it difficult to be thankful.

I have just been informed that my baby's playgroup has been banned from our community centre...because all the parents are gay.

We have been meeting in the same place, at the same time, for three years. New managers came in a few months ago and have been making things...difficult...for a while. Last week we were told that they were going to make some "business decisions" one of which was to cancel the childrens groups (because children really have no place in a COMMUNITY CENTRE, right?) We were told to find a new place, but would be welcome to continue to meet until we find a new venue.

We were upset, but I was a little glad to find somewhere new that didnt make us feel uncomfortable. I accepted it and wasn't going to make a fuss. But this morning, the group arrived to find the door to our room locked and the lights off. No staff could be found anywhere (cowards). A sign was on the door that we were suspended from the centre. Suspended. Like we are in high school being punished for talking in class.

I found out through phone calls because I am busy procrastinating organising everything ready to go to ProBlogger's event in Melbourne tomorrow so I wasn't going to go. That and I wanted to take a nap. I woke up to three missed calls and a quick succession of three more calls. Everyone is understandably upset.

They did tell us it was a business decision didn't they. Surely it's not because we are gay. They just hate children. But wait, is that a toddlers music class still going in the back rooms? YES IT IS.

How dare they take this away from our children simply because the parents are gay.

We are just like every other parent. We play with play-doh. We go for walks. We cook meals for our family and we enrol our kids in kindergarten. We spend nights awake worrying that the baby will stop breathing. We hug and kiss and love our kids. We are just like every other parent.

But I am not devoid of perspective.

I am thankful that we live in a country where this particular kind of discrimination is outrageous to us. We do not live in a country where we could be imprisoned or killed for being who we are. We do not have to hide who we are, who we love, our kids do not have to pretend they don't have two mums.

But it still stings when we hear that we are considered different, less worthy, than a straight family. It hurts me and it hurts my kids, which in turn makes me angry. More than angry. But that's an emotion for another day.


  1. Seriously? What kind of community centre are they? FFS.

  2. Wow. Am blown away that this kind of crap still happens.

    I'm so sorry, it's sad when small minded people get their way.

    Thanks for linking up, and I'm glad you could find something to feel grateful for.

  3. if you can somehow prove that, that was the reason why they suspended you [i agree what the hell, high school finished a long time ago!] i'd go public with it because in 2011, in fact in ANY year, it's just not on to discriminate because of someones sexual preference!


  4. Seriously??? This really happened? WTF! this is insane!

  5. WTF??? I can't believe this happened!!! I'm so very sorry...

  6. That's just awful. I hope there is a way for you and your group to fight back because what they did cannot be legal.

  7. Absolutely disgraceful! I'm so sorry for you and your friends and the sweet, innocent babies.

  8. omg. unacceptable. totally unacceptable. I would be FUMING. I am actually.
    (nice to meet you on Friday by the way.)



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