Thursday, October 6, 2011

The easiest thing to do on earth is not write...

I have hit total bloggers block. I think of things randomly that I could post, but then I open up the window and it sits there blankly, mocking me with it's blankety blankness.

So I procrastinate and read a few other blogs, then I come back, stare at the blankness some more.
Log into Twitter, get overwhelmed, close Twitter.
Open my Emails, see there is nothing interesting, close Emails.
Come back and stare at the blankness some more.
Log into Facebook, decide all my friends are boring, close Facebook.

This pretty much repeats itself for a few hours and then I sigh, close the computer down and go downstairs to watch Family Guy instead. I can literally feel my brain cells screaming and dying as we speak.

I always worried about having a blog that was so specifically based around ALI (adoption, loss and infertility). That was why I wanted to have this blog be something more. But I had so many friends in the ALI community that followed me from previous blogs, and fertility treatments took up ALL of my time for a good year and a half, it just turned into that. I have seen so many times, when the blogger finally gets pregnant, its like they run out of things to say and all of a sudden, they are gone.

That isn't the reason for my absence. It's pure laziness. I am so exhausted that my brain just shuts down the minute I get home! I am hoping that with a bit of planning I can at least get something interesting on the page (screen?) to maybe kickstart me back on the blogging track.

Until then, any suggestions for breaking bloggers block are extremely welcome!


  1. glad to see you're still around. writers block happens - best way i deal with it, is just step away from the blog for awhile.


  2. i've been really blocked for a while now. i sit down to write and nothing comes. just dead air.

  3. Sorry, no help here. I've been avoiding blogging too. Hope things are settled down. Killing brain cells with Family Guy is better than blowing them up with stress right?

  4. I'm right there with ya on the writer's block. I try to jot things down as I think of them and then when I have a moment, try to put it together into something coherent. You'll have plenty to blog about in a few months and I'm sure you'll come up with something fabulous in the meantime, too.

  5. My trick: I sit at the computer and start typing "I am writing I am writing I am writing" if I type that enough sometimes other stuff just starts coming out. Much of the time it's crap, but occasionally I get a kernel that's worth using.




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