Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Declaring bankruptcy

no, not literally (thank the gods we are not at that point yet). I'm declaring an internet bankruptcy.

I did not have the headspace to deal with anything beyond what I had to do on a given day for the last month or so - the idea of blogging, reading blogs, twitter or facebook (beyond my random updates on my personal page) was just too much to deal with. I did not respond to emails unless I really had to - I have barely been keeping up with text messages, it's been bad.

Today I feel like I can finally open the computer again (the only internet I've been using is on my phone!) and dive back in, because I kind of miss it. I do love me some interwebz, but I am glad I took the time off.

So I have cleared my inbox, marked all items as read in my google reader, and started on a clean slate. Lets see how long I can keep it up...my life is still pretty chaotic!


  1. welcome back, and I'm thinking an internet break is not such a terribly bad idea.

    I keep waiting for that magical day when I sit down, clean out all of my inboxes, sort through my reader, and comment on all of my favorite blogs...yeah, um, well, still waiting.

    good to see you!

  2. Just checking into see how you are doing. It's January and I'm waiting to see some baby news from someone besides me.

  3. Internet bankruptcy? That's something a lot of people should file for!



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