Monday, December 5, 2011

more changes

Last week I lost my job.

We are all still reeling over what this will mean for us. I am in a better position than many of the other 11 redundancies announced the same day...but still. Just when I feel I can't handle any more thrown at me, the universe decides it needs to shake things up again!


  1. Shit. I'm so sorry ... wish I could say something useful other than this sucks ... and I hope that something else turns up soon ...

  2. i'm so sorry! you've only just bought another investment property as well haven't you? will losing your job put that in jeopardy?

    sending hugs


  3. we are in the same boat right now xxx

  4. Ugh! Suckitude!!! I hope you can conquer this miserable development and somehow come out the other side smiling! Do you get paid maternity leave over there?

  5. Sorry to hear that more stress has been dumped on you and your family. I don't suppose that job hunting while pregnant and moving is really a fun prospect.

  6. Oh honey. I'm so sorry. That seriously sucks.



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