Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

February 14th

Valentine's Day.

Bumblebee's due date (never likely to be his birthdate!)

My cousin's birthday.

And the first anniversary of my friend G's death.

At the time I wrote that I wanted "my dear G to be the last to lose this fight. I do not want another single death recorded. You can stand up and be counted."

Unfortunately, as we all know, his death was not the last. He was not the last transgendered person to feel the only way out was death. He was not the only GLBTIQ identified person to leave the earth well before his time.

Magda coming out on national television and pushing the idea of gay marriage back into the limelight was well timed for me. Our young people continue to fight for their very lives. Coming out has never been so important.

I will say it again.

"We are equal. We are just as deserving of a loving commitment as you are". The louder we say that, the more voices that join us, the more able we are to drown out those who seek to put us down.

The louder we are, the more those vulnerable members of our community can hear us, can be heard, can live strong.

Join the fight for equality. It is a matter of life and death.

We still love you G, and think of you. Your photo still hangs on my refrigerator, a constant reminder.

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