Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where does the time go?

Well here we are, nearly a month into my Bumblebee's (must come up with blogname for the little tyke) life and things have yet to slow down long enough for me to catch my breath. Life with three boys is proving far more challenging than I anticipated, despite Bumbles being the most perfect baby (most of the time) only waking to feed and look around, then going back to sleep.

Manny decided the day I went into hospital was the day he wanted to potty train himself, which was great timing. So at the moment I spend my days running between breastfeeding and cleaning up accidents, as well as the general 2 year old craziness and newborn need for snuggles. Oh and did I mention that Rocket has finally been assessed as having mild Aspergers Syndrome and ADD? *headdesk*

Added to the stress of that is trying to renovate two houses at once, the builders are working on our house, and we picked up a paid renovation job on a friend's house (too good to pass up).

I am scared that we are going to miss all the precious moments in the first few months of Bumble's life. But what can you do? We are just so busy and I don't see it slowing down any time soon. I think I am enforcing a break from all things external to our kids at some point this year. We need to just focus on them for a while.

In the meantime, I best be off - carpet layers will be at house #3 in a few minutes so I better get over there...*sigh* it never ends...


  1. Wow - this seems like WAY too much to handle! Sending you peaceful thoughts...

  2. As much as it's an overwhelming diagnosis, that's WONDERFUL that you have answers about Rocket now! The nice thing is there is so much more information about Aspergers now than there was even 5 years ago! I have a cousin who has it, and at 36 years old, she lives a completely normal life. College educated, happily married with 2 beautiful kids...

    Bumblebee will be okay if he's not the complete center of attention. He'll get the attention that really matters. And think of it this way, he should be a pretty easy-going baby since he'll be used to sitting around watching the rest of the world go by. :) You can do this! You're a great mom.



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