Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm a little behind in posting. Apologies for all the backdated entries!

I was offline (literally) for a while and just haven't found the motivation to post since returning. It's supposed to be good for you...going offline. Having some time in a region where there is NO INTERNET COVERAGE. Not for me. I was feeling quite wrong actually! These here interwebz have been my home for over 9 years now. I started my first website 9 years ago (scary thought) and my first "blog" 7 years ago...so for me, going offline, really offline, is like chopping off a limb!

But I am back now. I have lovely photos of our time away that I can't wait to share with you all, and some stories too, including telling all about our Manny catching his first fish (snapper) at age 20 months!! Stay tuned...

I have so many resolutions flying around in my head, but it is SO EASY to just step right back into that rut and settle down back into old habits. I came across a paper I was meant to file at Motor Reg late last year and I felt the panic attack start. I simply have to clear the slate and get everything up to date so I can start the year right (even though we're already nearly a week in! *breathe* *breathe* *fight the panic!!*)

I had wanted to start the year on a really organised note. I wanted to have everything all sorted in my physical life, so that my head might settle down and I might relax a little. I feel like I've been on hyperdrive for so long now...I need to slow down before I crash. So my one main aim right now is to organise this house from top to bottom. It's proving a lot more challenging than I anticipated.

I have, however, finally listed some of the furniture taking over our house on eBay so hopefully by next week that will be gone. It's hard to fight the urge to light a match in our garage though. It would be so much easier if it were all gone! I'd leave the door open and hope it would all get stolen but knowing our luck, no one would want any of it!!

The no yelling policy is taking some time to get used to but I think it is going to be great. If we can stick to it. So far Rocket has done all the dishes every day and cleaned the top floor a few times so definitely allocating chores instead of yelling is paying off for us!

*sigh* You know if I didn't have to go back to work next week I think I could do a lot better on all of these resolutions...but c'est la vie...bills must be paid and my children insist on eating every single day so what can you do?


  1. Happy new year, and welcome back! It's good to see you here. While I'm terrible about resolutions, I'm with you on the "relax" intentions. Less work this year, more time focusing on myself and my family, and hopefully more clarity as a result of better balance. Here's to sweeping out the clutter!

  2. I went a day without any internet - I tell ya it felt like MONTHS!!

    Oh and you have to feed them, every SINGLE day? Well I never!!


  3. Welcome back! Have you heard of Fly Lady? It's super corny, and seems bizarre, but I have to tell you, it works for getting your house and your life in order. Go to www.flylady.net, and check it out. I promise, it will make things so much easier!

  4. I was offline for awhile too due to a computer virus. It's amazing (and sad, really!) how much that changes things. Way to go on tackling those resolutions. The no yelling policy is great. I just may copy you on that one.



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