Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Week

This week feels like it's lasted about a month!
Project "gut-the-bathroom-and-replace-everything" was scheduled for one week. Monday to Friday. It's now Sunday and not looking like finishing any day soon.

Monday: I had to work so I left my girl and her da at home to start work. She'd started the demo over the weekend so I figured they'd do full demo Monday and start putting everything back starting Tuesday. Imagine my surprise when I get home and they are only halfway through demo!

Tuesday: Shopping day. Had to pick up the vanity and tiles, having bought the new frameless showerscreen on Sunday (which was a drama in and of itself). Measure everything up and realise the frameless shower screen wont fit our space. So we look at all other options. Nope, none of them will fit. Looks like FIL will be cutting a big-ass channel in the brick wall and recessing it in. Seems to be problem solvered.

Wednesday: Can't believe it, they are still doing demo. OMFG.

Thursday: They did start the tiling, but didn't get too far. More tiling. More tiling, more tiling. Still only halfway finished!

Friday: More tiling. Am concerned about said shower screen but am reassured it will be FINE.

Saturday: Supposed to be finished, or at least putting back in fixtures and fittings. Nope. Lou grouts the tiles in the evening, and for some ridiculous reason we decide that a 37C (very hot) day was a good time to put up a tool shed.

Tool shed is too small.

Tool shed instructions are written by an indonesian person with limited grasp of English language.

Tool shed nearly sends both of us over the edge.

Tool shed completed but a little dodgy. Both hot and pissed off at each other.

Sunday: FIL is back to install all the fixtures. HA! yeah right. A little more tiling is completed, and the shower screen debacle begins. Guess what? It doesnt fit. They are currently down there swearing at it and attacking the wall with diamond blades, circular saws and chisels. It is not going well. Oh and it's also 42C (which I believe is somewhere around 114F?) This is not looking too good. Dammit I really need to be able to shower tonight!!!

bathroom before shots: stay tuned for the afters......if we ever finish...


  1. i LOVE the tiles on the floor in the before shot!

    busy busy week, looking forward to the after shots!


  2. Wow! Sounds like you need a vacation! ;)



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