Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what's the lesson here?

Okay universe...what are you trying to teach me this morning?

A little background - Rocket's school used to be at the end of our street. Then we moved (twice) and got further and further away. Now it's a ten minute drive. We kept him there though, because we plan on moving back there soon. So during summer break (right now) he goes to Vacation Care there. We had a program with all the days he was booked in highlighted and the full details of what they were doing that day.

About two weeks ago...it disappeared. Methinks my boy threw it out when he was cleaning up the recycling. We got the workers there to write down the days he was booked in on a piece of paper. Sounds fine, right?

I checked this morning and all it said was "Fun Day". As there was an excursion yesterday, and one tomorrow, I thought "Oh there's no way they'll go on an excursion today...I can drop him off at the school a bit late today". I was having a high level frustration day, the smallest things were driving me crazy.

When we got there...tumbleweeds. Noone around anywhere. And of course no sign on the door saying where they were, no program in the window, no phone number to call. What to do? I tried not to let the frustration take hold...

So we started brainstorming where they could be. The only thing I could think of was the waterslide and amusements on the foreshore. Went down there...there were about 200 Vacation Care kids there...but none of ours. I couldn't help it, I started getting mad.

Drove back to the school to drive around and see if they were anywhere to be seen. Tried calling the mobile number for Vac Care that was in my phone from years ago. It rang out. Drove around and it finally peaked. I yelled. Screamed. "Where are they??" Not yelling at my kids but I feel terrible, I was doing so well on the no yelling thing until now...

Finally got through on the mobile. Not the person working today but at least she could tell me where they were.

Do you want to know where they were?

At the school next door to my house. I am not joking. It is 30 feet from my front door.

It would be funny if I wasn't already having such a bad day :)


  1. Doh! The working parent nightmare ... sorry that it was such a bad day! I'm waiting for *my* son's school to call for a delayed opening tomorrow for the snow. Huzzah for the hazards of child care ...

  2. what a nightmare! i can completely relate to that 'it would've been funny on a better day' thing :)

    hope your day has improved.

    thank you so much for dropping by my blog! i've calmed down a lot from yesterday. not that hard! i was a right state.

  3. I swear to you that I am NOT laughing - no honestly, hand on heart I'm not laughing....slightly smiling with a bit of a giggle yes but laughing? Nooooooooooooo!

    And you're right it would have been funny if you hadn't of been having such a bad day but at least now in a couple of days or a week when you ARE having a good day you can look back and smile!

    And I'm glad you found them!




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