Monday, April 4, 2011


Got little man's "development summary" from his daycare centre today.

Was pretty amused by the summary on the front page where they describe what a delight he is, and follow it up with "At times he can assert his rights a little over zealously and we have to encourage his gentler side"

I seriously think whoever wrote this needs to go into politics! Left to me it would read "At times he is a giant brute who will steamroller anyone who gets between him and the object of his desire." Pretty funny, and fairly accurate I would say.

But then you come to the ILP (Individual Learning Plan) where they describe the psychosocial key learning area - where he will learn to empathise and show caring towards others, and the evaluation reads "Manny has been away for 3 weeks and come back, he still is not caring with friends"

This about broke my heart. He is such a loving boy! Sure, he will crack a wobbly if anyone tries to play with something he already has, but toddlers don't understand sharing! It pains me to think that his carers don't feel he is caring with his friends. You should see him with babies - so gentle. Poor wee mite. Methinks they are expecting too much of a 2 year old (just quietly).

Have you ever been shocked by something on a development summary about your little 'un? Do share.


  1. oh that's awful! ( the ILP part!)
    Can you tell them you beg to differ?!!!

  2. Ummm, he's 2? Sounds pretty normal! (and like they are talking out of their arses).



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