Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Therapy

Yesterday I went shopping, and ended up having an impromptu therapy session.

I was going to a department store to look for long sleeves for Manny as the weather is starting to get colder. I wandered into the Easter section to grab a couple of chocolates for Rocket. I figured that like usual I would just grab a chocolate egg and a small toy. Easter hasn't been fun for me for awhile now. As I am the one in the house who arranges all the parties, holidays, gifts etc, if I'm not into it, it doesn't happen.

Last year I tried. I did the Easter hunt thing, which took no effort really, but I really used to enjoy all the Easter palaver.

But then yesterday I stood there in the Easter section and looked around. And found something cute. A ceramic egg decorating kit for small kids. "My Rocket loves craft" I thought, so I picked it up. Then I spotted the coloured rabbit ears. Since he was wee, we've always called Manny 'Bunny' (yes he is the baby of a thousand names). "How cute would Bunny look in these ears?" I thought, so I picked them up.

Before I knew it I had filled a basket. Lovely baskets ready for the boys to decorate, and some pretty chocolate lollipops, little wooden baby chicks to paint, easter paper chains to make, soft bendable bunny ears to wear, little fluffy chicks in nests.

And then I was off to another craft store.

To look for Easter decorations.

I think this year might be different.

I think tomorrow I might even bake some hot cross buns.


  1. <3 I was going to suggest you just throw yourself into it... just like when I'm in a funk I have to "hunt for happy" and you know what? I usually find it. But I thought that might sound patronizing. Love you and wish our silly bunnies could wear their ears together (I totally typed rears... that would be funny too!). BTW, my kids cried at the dinner table tonight because... they miss their "Rocket".

  2. Oh Kristi we miss you too! I was just thinking of you a little while ago as I was walking to the train - and a particular memory of standing in Fred Meyer with you was so strong (random memory to pick, I know) and I just sighed and wished for the millionth time that you didnt live so gosh darn FAR AWAY!

  3. Oh I love this! I'm so very happy for you... Good for you for finding joy in this season!

  4. Hi Suzy, just found you- like your voice a lot and look forward to reading you!



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