Thursday, June 28, 2012

back on track?

I can't believe the last time I even logged into this blog was the 29th March. Where did the last three months go?  Last we spoke, I was feeling pretty proud of myself. My life was falling into order.

Right before it fell apart.

Things got pretty messy, and pretty bad, and I went through a lot emotionally (kids are fine, wife is fine - all external issues). Life fell on top of me like ten tonnes of bricks and everything outside of getting through the day just fell to the wayside.

I am now in the process of picking myself up and dusting myself off and pulling it all together again.

Our house is finally on the market. First opens this weekend and auction mid july. This house has been the bane of our existence for too long now. The mortgage payments are too high, and there was too much work to be done. We lived there for two years, in its unrenovated state, cursing the fact that it was just too hard to get things done while we lived there, and while we were both working, and while I was TTC and then pregnant.

It is now pristine. Glorious. The rooms have beautiful new carpets, or new hardwood floors. My laundry is sparkling and clean. My kitchen is open, and beautiful, with stone benchtops and my amazing oven, picked so many months ago, and never used. Once again, we have a perfectly beautiful house, that we never got to enjoy.

This is the last time we live in squalor, move out, and make it a palace for someone else.

We are living with my mum still, which is fine, we all get along great and it has actually been quite a blessing to have an extra adult around with the addition of Bumbles early this year. She has loved it too. But lets be honest - we are a family of five and we need more space.

I want to be able to unpack all my boxes that have been stored and shuffled for years. I want all my kitchen stuff unpacked. I want to be able to bake cupcakes and not have to rummage through crates in the garage to find the right pans. I want to unpack all my clothes (the same outfits have been in high rotation for going on a year now!) I want to decorate my own way in my own style.

The only sticking point, of course, is that the property market went downhill and fast right after we bought our house. It will sell for possibly close to $100k less than it might have a few years ago. Of course this is all speculation, but still. We will have enough to pay out all our debts, and some extra. Hopefully enough for another deposit so we can buy, but we know we may have to look at renting again. Not a prospect I'm entirely happy with, but what can you do?

Well I think I've rambled on long enough for now. Care to see the fruits of our unbelievably long labour?

Nice, isnt it? Pity it never looked like this when we lived there!


  1. Wow - it's gorgeous! I had the same type of experience - I lived in a house for 1.5 years with walls missing, in shambles. Finally due to a job transfer, we needed to sell the house and hired someone to fix it all. It was beautiful, and we never lived in it like that. Never again! I hope your house sells quickly, and you get a new home that you can enjoy!

    Great to hear from you!!!

  2. Amazing! Absolutely gorgeous! I love the beamed ceilings. Hopefully your next house will be less stress.



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