Friday, February 11, 2011

almost perfect

It's been one of those strange days, where at times it feels like the perfect day, and at others I feel strangely disconnected from the world (hi, welcome to my mental illness)

It started, really, with a VERY stressful day yesterday. It was one of those days where everything seems too overwhelming and every little thing that goes wrong can set you off. From the look of my FB though, the feeling was doing the rounds through all my friends too. The day ended with me being BEYOND frustrated at trying to get the kids passports sorted. I made an appt at the passport office in the morning and decided to take a train into the city. I decided not having to drive in and park would lower the stress level. I was mostly right :)

This morning was pretty chilled, as they have been lately, because Manny has decided to start sleeping in (yay!) Made it to the train in plenty of time (even though I didn't have time to get my morning iced coffee).

Train into the city was fun. Manny LOVES the train so he was pointing out the window and laughing, but given his inability to stay still, was also wiggling all over the place and jumping from seat to seat. Cute, but giving me nightmarish visions of what he is going to be like on a thirteen hour flight in just a few short weeks. I'm trying not to think about it too much (and googling if there is such a thing as baby

When we got into the city it was pouring with rain. I had him in the wrap so he was nice and dry but I had to do the mad dash up the street. Ducked into McD's to avoid the buckets of rain and got a nice hot breakfast :)

When the rain slowed, we did another mad dash into the passport office. Aside from the chip in my credit card not working, everything went just fine! (such a change for us)

When we finally exited, the heavens had opened. If I thought it was pouring rain before, I was wrong. By this point it was torrential! Nothing for it, had to get back to the station. As luck would have it, a lovely lady (who looked like a supermodel) had a gigantic umbrella and invited us to hop under it with her. She walked us all the way to the underpass to the station :)

When we got home, Manny slept for close to FOUR HOURS and I was wrecked so I slept too! Unbelievable. I don't remember the last time I got an afternoon nap.

And now we sit here, Rocket doing the dishes, Manny shovelling cereal into his mouth using spoon and both hands, watching scooby doo while I do my work from home hours. Days like this renew me for the bad days :)


  1. B - Gravol is key. :) indeed Baby or so I've heard. Have a wonderful trip!!!!

  2. In the US we would say *cough*Benadryl*cough* but a quick Google-e-oo tells me it's the same thing!

    I totally get those weirdo disconnected turn terribly normal/wonderful days!

  3. nope I was wrong! Well THERE's something new! not :)



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