Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My stomach is too sensitive atm.
I made the mistake of eating chocolate.
Now I feel like I might barf.
My desk is covered in papers to file.
This also makes me want to barf.

Barf barf barf...it's a funny word when you see it written down isn't it?

I've made it past 100 in the ICLW list (working backwards of course so really I've only read 68 blogs so far) I wasn't going for Iron Commenter, just getting caught up in everyone's stories...but maybe I might actually make it this month!


  1. I generally read blogs when I'm at work (ssshh) and as it turns out a lot of them are blocked due to content! So I'm sorely behind leaving comments.

  2. Love the picture - that's too cute! haha. I hope you don't barf from all of the above items listed. :)

    ICLW #106

  3. Barf is the best word ever! I like the ones that sound like what they mean...



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