Sunday, July 10, 2011

all is well...

Sorry to keep you hanging, I started this days ago and just didn't get around to finishing it. To be perfectly honest, using blogger on my iPad is c-r-a-p and just takes too long and it's hard for my ADD self to do.

Short version: Tuesday's appointment went well, dr says u/s showed heartbeat and CRL of 1.59cm exactly matching dates.

Long version is sooooo much longer. It was an EPIC appointment. For a start they left me waiting over an hour. Pretty normal for a public patient, but as I am part of the medical team, it's always under 20 minutes. I had no other plans for the day though and Manny slept the ENTIRE time so I was in no real hurry.

Eventually, after the entire waiting room had been called in and left, a young guy calls me back. Oh great. I think to myself. I get a resident.

But no. It's a student. Of course it is. So he starts filling out my new record. Has NO IDEA what he is doing so he copies out the one from last time *headdesk* seriously. Eventually reaches the point where he admits he has no idea what to do next, and calls the Dr in.

Turns out Dr A****** is not a woman, but an Old Dude. I have no problem with Old Dudes, my regular OB is one :) The first thing he says is "so, you're 8 weeks?" I nod. "Err, why are you here?" I had to explain that I simply asked for an appointment earlier than 11 weeks and this is what they booked me. He shrugged and said "Ok then".

He seems to at least know what he's doing...but the first thing he does to put me offside is disagree with my due date. "No, see you add 7 days to the LMP and subtract 2 months". This changes my EDD by three days and I am not a happy camper. I want to say "sure Old Dude, back in the 1940s thats how they did it but they have these newfangled things called computers which is how the student came up with the (correct) date."

Decided not to bother. Will bring it up with Dr P*** if I manage to see him.

Tell him of the pain in my right side. Do not confess that I have already had a scan. So he does a quick exam and an even quicker u/s where he points out the hb (which I pretty much couldnt see but trust his judgement) and prints out a photo which I cant make heads nor tails of, and declares all is well, dates are right, and there is a cyst on my right side which won't be a problem at all and will resolve itself. Doesn't bother to measure it. Says it could be very painful if it bursts. Oh goody, something to look forward to.

He books my nuchal screening for 4 weeks time. The first thing he did to make me smile was say to the receptionist as he booked it "can I get a nuchal for this high risk lady please"

HUZZAH! A Dr that agrees I am high risk!! I was always told through Manny's pregnancy that despite the stillbirth and increased risk of trisomy due to the double aneuploidy, that I wasn't high risk. And yet here, now, I am officially high risk :) (If you're wondering why this is a good thing, it means all the tests and all the scans we could ever ask for, and then some, are all covered through our public system)

He asked at the end "Is there a reason you would like to see Dr P***?" I replied that I would like that very much if possible, and he said "No problem" putting me down for an appt with him a week after the nuchal, to get all the results.

The only downside out of the appointment was the news of my blood pressure, which was 90/60. No wonder I've been nearly passing out every time I stand up!

So there you go.

I feel 100% like crap 100% of the time, I've never been so tired in my life and this pregnancy is kicking my ASS daily.

I hope it continues......


  1. i know you know this but you're so lucky. i hope this pregnancy continues to kick your arse...


  2. So glad you got good news and the "high risk" label. I totally understand being happy about that - I was thrilled to finally get that label with this pregnancy because my concerns don't just get blown off like they were before.

    Hope your cyst disappears quietly on its own and you'll get more great news at the next scan!

  3. SO, so happy ... and weirdly glad that you're feeling knocked on your feet. Grow, little one, grow!!

  4. Yay!!! Good on you!! And the doc!!
    My BP was super low the first months of pregnancy. Weird, huh?!
    Glad all is well! ( you know, apart from the cyst and feeling crappy:( )

  5. Gotta love the public system! I'm a public patient myself at a big Melbourne hospital and this all sounds SO familiar. I'm in my third pregnancy now and all being well, I'm not sure I could handle going through this again.
    Great news though.

  6. So glad to hear everything is going so well! And yay for high risk, as long as it gets you all kinds of attention!!!



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