Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I think I'm having another identity crisis. Or maybe it's more of an existential crisis. I can never be sure. I go through these periodically. Who am I? Why am I here? WTF is the point of my life?

To be honest with you, I started having existential crises at 6 years old (no, I'm not kidding). It used to keep me awake at night. What is the meaning of life and why are we here? What is the point of anything we do?

All questions I've never been able to answer.

The creation of self, the identity I have created for myself, where did that come from? How did I become the person I am right now, and if I'm not happy with the way I am, should I mould myself a somewhat new identity? How far can I actually change who I am, and how much of it is innate?

Woah, right?

I think I've been spending too much time lying around recently (due to the fact that standing = migraine, nausea and almost passing out). I think I might need to get out of the house and back into the real world...


  1. or maybe watch more fluffy TV? :)

    Actually, I'm having crises, too ... if you figure out how to solve it let me know!! :)

  2. Great comic - makes you think. Yes, I think you need to get out of your head a bit... Hang in there!

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. I love my new identity as a mum but the rest of it - meh!



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