Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello again,
You may notice some changes going on around here in the days and weeks to come. I have wanted to change the direction this blog was going for quite a while, but as anyone who has gone through infertility treatments will attest - it tends to somewhat dominate your life!

This was supposed to be a family blog, and a place to help motivate me to become a better housewife. Then the IVF crazies took hold and everything else sort of faded into the background while my brain screamed "BABYBABYBABYBABY" on repeat for a year and a half. I am hoping, with all I have in me, that that particular insanity is over for us, at least for now.

To celebrate this, I have moved the majority of the entries dealing with IVF over to a new blog, Suzy Does IVF. I'm hoping that I can write the closing chapter of that blog in a week and a half after our Nuchal Screening, and hibernate that part of my life, (at least for a year or so!)

This blog will (hopefully) now be able to turn back to what I had originally envisioned. I have a very talented friend working on a new blog design (yay!) and I look forward to filling this space with all kinds of goodies in the months to come.

I feel like I have really let myself down by failing to mention my crazy kids who actually walk this earth with me, focussing so hard on documenting all my little lost loves. I have a hysterically funny, emotional and intelligent 2 year old and an extremely challenging 9 year old, who amazingly have escaped almost completely from being immortalised in this Mama's blog. For shame.

I am still terrified every day that something will go wrong here. That just because we are past the point that *I* miscarry, does not mean I am home free. The possibility of stillbirth is never far from my mind. Nor is the fact that we have gambled with my genetics again, and we may face another terminal diagnosis. I am choosing to hope at this point.

For those of you following along at home:

Hurdle #1 - BFP (10dpo extremely faint - 12dpo strong line)
Hurdle #2 - Beta (16dpo - Beta HCG 330)
Hurdle #3 - Ultrasound (6+2 weeks) - measured 5w5d
Hurdle #4 - Usual miscarriage point (7 weeks) - passed!
First Appointment (8 weeks) - u/s with hb and CRL of 7+6

Hurdle #5 - Nuchal screening to check if baby has trisomies (12 weeks) - 2nd August
Hurdle #6 - Anomaly scan - check for trisomy markers (18 weeks)
Hurdle #7 - Viability! (24 weeks)
Hurdle #8 - Make it to 36 weeks without losing my mind/the baby.


  1. Love the new direction of the blog - can't wait to hear all about your family some more!

  2. August 2nd is my living child's birthday so I hope it will be a good day for you too. Good for you for finding a way to continue blogging as your parenting journey changes.

  3. :) Looking forward to seeing a new dimension of you!



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