Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart Shaped Box

A year ago today, my love asked me the question I was waiting to hear.

It wasn't exactly a surprise, we bought the rings together in late 2007, as I am somewhat picky and she didnt want to get the wrong thing! But she demanded to choose the time when she actually 'popped' that question.

So I waited, and waited and waited some more.

Made a few comments (possibly revolving around the fact we would likely be in nursing homes before we were even engaged...) along the way, waiting, waiting, waiting...

Months, and months, and months came and went. More comments about how I wanted her to propose already! For goodness sake! We already have the rings!

And then one night in tears she tells me of the plans she had to propose at the birth of our little man. But then he died before he was born and all plans we ever had flew out the window and we had to learn how to live without him...without all the things we had planned.

I did not comment on it again.

And then, on Valentines Day 2008 she woke me up with a heart shaped box she made in her breaks at work...filled with our favourite chocolates...and my ring.

It was worth the wait. She is worth the wait.


  1. Congratulations! Are you still engaged or did you get married? And what is the law over there I wonder? Ho hum! Happy belated V day!

  2. How romantic is that? She's a keeper!

  3. Tireegal - no we are still engaged! Havent made a big announcement even! Most people I think have worked it out but we havent had an engagement party or anything yet.

    The laws are archaic out here.
    No legal marriage for us.

    But we are still having a massive wedding - no date set as yet, it'll be sometime in 2011 but not sure yet. We have so much going on in our lives at the moment we are waiting for things to settle down a bit!

    But stay tuned for LOTS of wedding planning updates here I am ludicrously excited about it!



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