Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lady Luck

*sigh* It seems like every time I come on here to type a happy entry...something else happens! I've thought of so many entries to write, but all at inconvenient times...and then when I was halfway though a derby entry, we got the news that a colleagaue has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and suddenly anything I had to write in here didn't seem quite as important.

At the same time, my close friend's marriage is breaking up, leaving her a single mother to a 1 year old with no possibility of an income to support them both (she has a disability) and it all just seems like "who am I to bemoan my life?"

I have it pretty good. I have two beautiful earthbabies and a precious starbaby, an amazing partner who makes my life better every single day she is in it, and a lovely house to live in. I have a job and can provide for my babies, and we have family members who love and support us and help us step up in life.

I'm pretty fucking lucky, all things considered.

So now I will thank all the universe for my astounding good luck, and focus on my two friends, going through far more significant upheaval than I, and give them all my love and support.

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  1. I hate it. What a helpless feeling.

    I know you are not in the US, but here is a link for you. I think these folks might be right up your alley. When the time is right, a little something from this shop for your friend, or lunch w you wearing it as a surprise?

    I work for a cancer treatment organization. Cancer Sucks raises money for research.

    They are hard working and your money wont be lost on bull shit education.

    Find a fucking cure.



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