Monday, June 28, 2010

roller skates and houses and pay rises...oh my!

Hello once again my pretties.

Once again I attempted Iron Commenter status and once again fell woefully short. Can you please all stop having such interesting blogs? I get caught up reading each and every one and never make it through the whole list. I am going to continue to wade through them all over the next few weeks though, who says ICLW can only last one week?

Those of you I did manage to visit, I hope you made your way over here too and I hope to see you again soon!

Well on the home front, Monster is living up to his nickname at the moment and being a mixture of completely adorable and completely infuriating. He is scary smart (too much like his brother...uh oh) and is constantly trying to figure out how things work. He responds to instructions really well and talks in full sentences. Now we just need to get him to speak in English (or Spanish) so that we can understand him ;)

Latest discoveries include how to turn the TV on and off, adjust the volume and change channel (why he loves channel 6? no idea. ps. there is no channel 6, it's just snow....).

He adores my roller skates and when he isnt trying to climb into them, he is pushing them across the floor making zoom zoom noises. It took him all of about 30 seconds to locate my new (on loan for now) skates and get into them and try to skate across the floor!

Speaking of skating...I managed to get out on Saturday for 3. whole. hours. ALONE *gasp* something I havent managed in almost a year and a half! It was fabulous, except I ended up with my lil buddy (a friend of Monster's from playgroup) attached to me for a lot of the time so I felt like I was still parenting! He is the same age as my Starbaby and also the cutest 2 year old around, so I love spending time with him.

It was good to be back on skates (albeit briefly, as we are in fact gearing up for IVF #2). I only took one somewhat heavy fall which has resulted in a rather pretty 2 toned bruise :)

Other than that my weekend was fairly non eventful - just a lot of moving furniture and emptying out the house we just sold. This now means of course that our double garage is FULL to the ceiling with furniture and boxes of STUFF to sort through and get rid of. Looks like a massive garage sale is in my future *le sigh* I hate garage sales. Love going to them, hate holding them.

No news on the baby front as yet, I am on BCP until 2nd July, then we wait for Lou's CD1 when we commence the fabulousness of shots and various pills and potions. Depending on when her cycle starts, she could well be in surgery on her birthday! Poor darling. Oh well, at least we will be in a fun city, perhaps we can make a small vacation of it, stay in a nicer hotel, order room service with our pretend non existent money ;)

In happy news (and it is very welcome as we are facing another $11k IVF payment soon) I believe I am finally, after 4 years on a wage freeze, getting a payrise! They have told me my pay is increasing but are torturing me by not telling me how much until we receive our official contracts. Please cross your fingers for a decent rise...if it's only a few dollars I will cry!


  1. I always have high hopes of Iron commenter too but it hasn't happened yet! Kudos to you for trying though! My 3 keep me so busy too!!
    Good luck on this upcoming IVF! Although I could have sworn that I've been here before since you are on my blogroll, perhaps I never officially followed...but I am your newest follower today! Happy ICLW! (#75)
    The pic is too cute by the way!

  2. First, that picture is absolutely adorable. Good enough to frame! And your outfit is cute!

    Keeping everything crossed for your increase and the upcoming IVF!

  3. I have been an Iron Commenter last year, and I know that it takes a lot of dedication and certainly a lot of free time at hand, because there are so many interesting blogs to read...

    All the best for your upcoming IVF cycle, and I hope you get a decent payraise....

  4. Such a cute picture! Love it!

    Good luck on the payrise - wouldn't that be fabulous!!!

  5. terrific picture!
    i have 2 boys. boys love their mommies, that's for sure!
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Good luck with the raise! Crossing my fingers that it's a good one and makes up for the 4 year freeze.

    I want to see pics of the purple hair!!



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