Monday, June 21, 2010

Suzy Home-renovator

I've been reading back through past blogs (both this one and old blogs) trying to recapture how I felt and what I used to write about (what? not everything is babyloss/IF related? you're KIDDING me?? What else would I write about?) I am not quite there yet but am going to try to post daily about something other than IVF because hey, boring.

Good news this week in our corner of the world is the final sale of one of our reno properties :) BIG yay for that. It is a big load off my mind and while we didn't get the best best best price for it, we did get $40k more than the bank valuation, and cleared enough to pay out all our debts. So YAY for that! Now if we can get reno house #2 sold (has to hit the market first) then we will really be laughing all the way to the bank and be able to jump right into renovating #3 where we are currently living...

I have to say I am very proud of us. If you had seen this place before we go to was ugly. And it smelt funky. And had holes in doors etc. Just a mess. Now look at it!!

It really makes me realise that we can do this. We are so capable, and I think we are getting really close to the point where we can throw in the towel at our annoyingly mundane jobs and take on renovations as a full time job :)

And finally, because I just. can't. not. talk. IVF....good news/bad news on that front...good news is we got nearly $6k back from our last cycle which means we can definitely go ahead again! Bad news is that I'm STILL not at zero which means waiting...and waiting...and blood tests...and more see when we can go ahead again. The longer we wait, the bigger the age gap will be and that is bugging the crap out of me because that is the main reason we decided to do this - to have kids close together. Already we are 6 months past where we wanted to be...and every week that goes by I mourn the idea of having children who are really close together. Hercules would have been born at the perfect time.


  1. Wow that looks spectacular!! You should be proud!!

    Here for ICLW
    Rach @
    #26 The Gal Who Wants to be Anywhere But Where She Is
    #27 Miss Ruby

  2. Wow those pictures ARE stunning, you guys are doing such a wonderful job with your renos! It would be amazing to be able to quit your 9-5's and just focus on renos.

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss - it's never easy to go through no matter what. I hope this IVF works out better for you. Crossing my fingers for a healthy, sticky BFP!

    ICLW #135

  3. When I first read 'reno properties' I was thinking of a house (or houses) in Reno, Nevada! LOL! Now I see you mean renovation. I love the minimalist style. I need to head closer to that myself and start getting rid of stuff before the stuff takes over.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. That is THE crappiest ending to an IVF cycle. I know the feeling.

    Best wishes on your next cycle.


  4. I'm sorry about your miscarriage and Starbaby... I also had a miscarriage lately and it's the hardest thing to cope with for me...

    I love your reno pictures - I would love to do something similar...


  5. Wow--your renovations look beautiful! Wish I was gifted in that arena--my house could use a little spiffing up.

    So sorry about your m/c... hope you can endure the waiting 'til you get back to zero. I know that must be hard.


  6. Love the reno project, we are in the process of renovated our 100 yr old farmhouse...eeek !

    I am sorry for your loss Suzy. Just been there myself recently.

    (((HUGS)) & Happy ICLW !

  7. The house looks spectacular! Hope you get back to zero quickly and I am so sorry for your loss. Happy ICLW!

  8. I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. It broke my heart to read your previous posts.

    Your home is beautiful. Wow. Just Wow.

  9. So glad you have something to focus on (house reno) rather than the IVF. I totally get your frustration with trying to get your HCG back down to zero. Terrible thing to wish for. Plus, the track marks on your arms are hard to explain at work.

    Take care of yourself,

    ~Jem (ICLW #56)

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss... the waiting to heal (physically and emotionally) is so taxing.

    The pics of your reno are amazing! I wish my Beloved and I were able to do things like that!


  11. I'm so, so sorry for the losses in your life...and completely and totally can relate to the misery in waiting to be able to try again...even as your heart is broken still over what's already gone. It hurts. I hope that ZERO comes to you soon and congratulations on the reno project selling! That's awesome!

  12. Beautiful pictures! I'm so sorry about the losses - really hoping you get back to zero so you can get started again!

  13. Visiting from ICLW. I love the renovation, I am so jealous yet inspired! How cool as I sit here watching my HGTV, wanting to work on my kitchen.

    Also, I love the quote you posted below, I think I am going to steal it for my blog.

    - Jess

  14. Hello! I'm visiting from ICLW.

    You did a beautiful job on the renovations.

    I hope you get to zero soon. I am so sorry for your loss.

  15. You've done a lovely job, you little house flipper you. :)

    Sending 0 vibes so you guys can get back to the baby creation. Lots of love

  16. What an incredible change! Great job on the renovations!

    And, sending you zero beta vibes so that you can get back to TTC!!

    ICLW #69

  17. What fun if you can actually quit your "real" jobs to do renos full time! That would be so amazing!! I know it has to take so much work, we just put our (5 yr old) house on the market and it is spotless but still felt like so much work, so I can only imagine renos!

    Best of luck with your upcoming cycle. I can't imagine everything you have gone through, wishing you much happiness and success.

    Happy ICLW, too!



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