Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Limbo is only acceptable if you are on a cruise ship

Ugh limbo land.

So, I got my new contract yesterday, including my "pay rise". It was insulting to say the least. They have introduced a lovely little restraint of trade inclusion (sneaky snacks) which I will NOT be signing off on, and the "pay rise" that I was teased with is INSULTING. I sat back quietly for FOUR YEARS not asking for anything, and accepting when I was told our wages would freeze. They offered 4% increase PLUS I can no longer be paid for overtime as our average overtime was included in my payrise. Are you kidding me here? So I am expected to work longer hours for approximately $14 a week after tax. Oh and that includes my "pay rise".

I went in and very quietly and politely exploded all over them. They are now reviewing it and I have to wait two weeks to find out what they are going to do about it. Dammit.

I was all fired up last night - to go in this morning and ask for them to stop insulting me, and if they said "no, that's what you are getting" I was handing in my resignation there and then.

But now I have to wait in limbo for two weeks. Shittiest two week wait ever. Why does my life revolve around two week increments? HONESTLY. Cut me a break here.

I was actually getting excited, Lou and I talked about it last night and we could survive with me not working. I would be working from home and doing the odd jobs I used to do when I was at uni. I was excited...thinking of my life as a SAHM full time.

The worst part is that I was just waiting to get my contract, because as soon as I got it I was going to drop down to two days a week, because my household and family are suffering with me working 3 days a week. But I can't even do that now as I have to stick at it while they review me. And if, by some miracle, they do give me a higher wage increase...then how do I turn around and drop my hours after fighting them to treat me like a loyal employee? Oh the dilemma.

So I'm in limbo land yet and the two week wait again, and we aren't even ttc at the moment!


  1. I hate limbo! This is a terrible place to be in - waiting to hear. So frustrating! That would be very cool if you could stay at home - definitely consider it!

  2. What a frustrating place to be! I hope they come through for you. Don't know if this would work for you, but I quit my job 5 years ago to switch to freelance (writing) and it's one of the best decisions I ever made.

  3. Arrgh. I haven't said anything in a while, but I will keep my fingers crossed that the waiting and unknowing is worth it ...

  4. I say screw them. If they come back to you with a better deal, you could just tell them "Too Little, Too Late". It's not like they've shown their appreciation up until now. If you can afford to be home (even if money is a little tight) do it! It's where you want to be anyway!

    Good luck!

  5. I hear you woman. Did I tell you the only thing that gets me out of the MF car?

    "They pay me if I show up."


    Stupid 2ww is too prevalent in our lives to bring it on in other forms.

    Peace on.



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