Saturday, September 18, 2010

All clear :)

As the title suggests, there was indeed good news at the CT scan.
It was a harrowing day waiting to find out, and convincing myself the news would be bad.

I made so many promises that day.
I could barely focus on my work at all.
I sat in the bathrooms just praying over and over.
I handed over my fertility that day.

I promised to anyone who may have been listening, that if he/she/it/theuniverse could see to it that I did not have brain tumours, I would accept never having any more children.
Big call huh?
I never said I would stop trying, but now, if we are never successful, I understand why, and I am grateful.

As I said over and over that day...I love my life, and I want to continue to live it.


  1. Yay!! Hurrah!! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S news!!!!

    I shall have a drink for you to celebrate later tonight!!


  2. I haven't been the best support lately since ive been missing, but yay for clear scans!! Huge hugs on your 'acceptance' trade-off. It's still a hard pill to swallow. Xoxo

  3. Very glad to read some good news!


  4. Yay! But ouch, that is a hard deal. Personally, I don't bother making deals with the universe anymore - because the universe is a lousy deal-breaking, heart-breaking thing that obeys no laws of reason. But then sometimes it does something ludicrously good, and you have to enjoy it. hoping that for you xxxh

  5. Did s/he get it in writing? Then NO DEAL. You can still bargain/pray/ask for more babies.

    I am so very relieved to hear this news. I cannot imagine how you must feel. Wonderful news my dear.



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