Sunday, September 26, 2010

love and a snickers bar

Oh for the love of Pete, my house looks like a tornado ripped through it. Just call me Dorothy.
There are piles and piles of stuff just everywhere. It's getting ridiculous. I cleaned this damn house just a couple of days ago, and now we look like something from Hoarders.

I would have cleaned up tonight, but we spent all day at roller derby (grand finals!!)(we won!!) and I decided lying in bed watching Property Ladder, eating a Snickers bar and reading blogs was a much better idea.

I think I might actually reach Iron Commenter status this month after YEARS of wishing I could! Of course this means my other blogs are completely neglected and my google reader is overflowing. Meh. Can't win 'em all...

Look at what my Roccie sent me:

Love. Just love.

I fucking love the blogosphere man. Across the world, my starbaby has touched a life, so much that someone I've never met, took a photo of a car they saw randomly with his bloggy nickname on it. Blows my mind.


  1. Love that.

    And Iron Commenter ... wow! I'm annoyed at myself for completely forgetting to add my name to the ICLW list ... doh!

  2. Wow, iron commenter! Way to go. Happy ICLW!

  3. iron commenter - wow!

    watching prop. is always a good idea...especially when its accompanied by candy bars in bed.

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Love this. You are hilarious!! What is Iron Commenter? Must Google that right now.

  5. Iron commentor? Amazing!

    I love the idea of giving yourself permission to lay in bed with chocolate, watching tv and reading blogs. Can I have that day once a week - okay every other week at least? Awesome.

  6. Wow.. an Iron commenter! I only wish! I love the blogosphere too, people are so awesome1 ICLW

  7. Awesome for Iron commmenter! And the tornado was probably worth the snickers and tv! At least once in a while! ;)

  8. Another Star baby! I lost my daughter to preeclampsia in April. We named her Josey STARR. It's nice to know there's another star up there looking down on us. :)


  9. Starbaby is a part of my story somehow now too. I can say with confidence he will always be a part of my memories. I cannot explain it.

    I am so happy it made you smile. It makes me crazy happy when a message like this comes along.

    Always with us, I know, but sometimes a blantant HELLO is exactly what we need.


  10. Love that picture. Nice work on Iron Commenter! And congrats on winning roller derby - awesome!!!

  11. You should see the state of my house. Toys and crap every where. I used to clean up after K as he stopped playing with things, but I'm smarter now. I let him be "Distroctor" as I like to call him and only bother cleaning up after he's gone to bed. Keeps me more sane. I'm trying ;)

  12. iron commenter - soooo fancy! ;)

    WTG on the roller derby - that rocks.

    And, yes. My little's world would end without the "woobie". For sure. :)



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