Saturday, September 25, 2010

just another saturday night...

Tonight I made an actual meal, planned in advance - corned beef cooked in the slow cooker all day. Decided at dinner time I didn't want it, ordered chinese instead.
Stuffed my face with satay chicken, steamed dim sim and crispy steak with plum sauce.
Sat here and read Edenland from start to finish. Think I may be in love with this ocka woman in the mountains ;)
Ate a full bag of prawn chips.
Got sick of getting up and down to the fridge so bought the 2L bottle of pepsi to me instead and am swigging it from the bottle. Lou would smack me if she knew. Good thing she piked on me at 9pm.
Spent an inordinate amount of time staring at the little footprint on my hip. Am just overwhelmed by it.
Wondered why the hell my 8 year old is incapable of switching off the bathroom light (also why he insists on using the upstairs bathroom even when he is downstairs in his room (and the downstairs bathroom is right next to his room)).

Pretty happening night here, by all accounts.

Saturday nights for me used to mean wild times, insane adventures and too many substances to count. Now the only adventures I have are vicariously through Walker, Texas Ranger (oh Chuck Norris you action hero you).


  1. Oh sweet HEAVENS. To not want your corned beef .... and just order Chinese food?? That is a REBEL if I ever knew one! Fricken badarse, man.

    I love your Chuck Norris pic, LOVE the email you sent me, and pretty much need to kiss you now. Adding your blog to my blogroll, STAT.

    Love, love, love,

    Eden XOXOX

  2. What's wrong with swigging from bottle?!? Ab SO lutely NOTHING - say it again!

    Never been a fan of corned beef, so totally get that you ditched it!

    Oh and looky, Eden loves you! Eden's love is spesh!!


  3. I love your tattoo! I am a person that loves tatoos but is much much too scared to do one in real life. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Much love to you.
    cw iclw #70

  4. Grinned when i saw the ''ordered chinese instead'' Brilliant. Can never have too much satay chicken (;

    I really love your work and look forward to reading it in future ! :) x

    P.S. I am really new to this whole blog thing and you seem really experienced and professional. I was wondering , if there is any way you could have a quick look at my blog and see if it's ok or terrible ? I'd really value your opinion :)!



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