Monday, September 20, 2010

nothing but blue skies

I went for a walk yesterday. I needed to buy some baking supplies to make my MIL a birthday cake, so I decided to take Manny for a walk to the supermarket instead of driving. There were looming angry looking grey clouds all around, but I just grabbed jackets and blankets and went anyway.

Incredibly, the sun shone on us the entire walk there, and back (about 35-40 minutes). I got so warm I took off my cardigan and walked in short sleeves. Rainclouds everywhere, but directly above us, blue sky.

My losses are those grey rainclouds. Always looming, always there on the periphery of my life. But there is always a patch of blue sky, and today I am choosing to walk in the sun.


  1. Beautiful. And perhaps, today, the sun and blue sky also chose you ...

  2. that's a beautiful metaphor. glad you had a blue sky kind of day:)

  3. MmMmMm the sun on your skin feels fabulous - soak up every minute, let it penetrate every pore and warm your soul!!!


  4. Any chance you gots an email published around here? I have something I need to show you please.....

  5. Lovely, happy that you can see that beautiful blue sky admidst the clouds.



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