Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three Short Days

It is an unfortunate fact of my current life that I cannot be a full time mother/housewife. Oh how I wished we lived in the 50s so that my biggest concern through the day was what I would cook for dinner. Unfortunately, given that we are not yet in a place where our properties provide us with much income, I am forced to spend part of my week (albeit the smaller part of my week) in the office. I am starting to believe my actual job title is "dogsbody" or, as I was referred to the other day "chicken's feed". Thanks Jo. Just another reminder of what I gave up when I chose not to get myself a career but just a job to pay the bills. I prefer the term Girl Friday thank you very much.

So here I sit...thinking of the hundred or so things that demand my attention at home...and unable to do any of them! What this means is that when I return from work the house is in a shambles and remains so until my working days are done for the week.

I spend the first day back at home dealing with the nuclear fallout that my family manages to create in three short days. You would be amazed at what can happen to a well ordered house and life in three short days!

Hopefully once this monkey is off my back (and by monkey I mean of course the two properties that are draining my finances week by week) things will be in a more permanent order, we will have more money available, and hopefully I can drop to two short days at work.

If any of you are supermoms who work full time and manage not to have your house cave in on you have any tips or tricks for me I would be so appreciative. Turns out I'm not so good at this work/home balance thing...


  1. Yea.. I wish I knew how to balance the two too. :-/ I work fulltime, and wish the 50s way of things would be do-able nowadays, the way you described! My poor mom had to sit next to clean clothes that was piled on my couch last week. :blushing: All I'm trying to do now, is tidy up EVERYDAY and put a load of laundry in before leaving to work, so I can put it to dry when I return, and perhaps put in another at that time. Your blog title describes me too, so that's the best I can offer. ;)

  2. I'm right there with you sister! I tried www.flylady.net for a while... now trying the mini class through www.discoverorganization.com. I'm away from home 11 1/2 hours a day.... which means I'm away from Blue Bird that much. By the time I get home - I just want to spend time with him and then off to bed with both of us. :o) I really should stay up and try cleaning. **sigh** So - I'm not much help either. :o)



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