Friday, March 12, 2010

Renovation Hell

I'm in the middle of renovation hell at the moment so excuse my lack of posting...there are a number of posts I have brewing in my mind but no time to get them all "on paper". I'm taking a short break because I just can't take it anymore!

Today so far a contractor bodged up the silicone around the top of the external cladding he installed, meaning I will have to get a million metres of quad to cover it up ($$ I dont have) and the electrician took 4 hours (yes FOUR HOURS) to move a light switch (and look in the roof). And all the timbers I bought yesterday are warped and twisted!

It got to the point with the electrician where I had to ring his head office and bitch them out. They pulled him off the job and sent someone around to inspect it and I felt SO BAD for him...I just wanted them to give me a discount!

Cue me hiding in my car not wanting to see him because I felt so bad for him.
Cue him knocking on the window to talk to me!


Did I mention that I think I broke my foot yesterday? Well one bone in the top of my foot. That was a drama in and of itself...I was getting frustrated waiting for someone to assist me with loading up all these timbers for the deck I need to build, so I thought I'd give it a crack on my own *insert eye roll here*. Yeah didnt realise it was quite so heavy...and tried to put it back down but it rolled off the racks onto my foot.

I, of course, was wearing ballet flats *headdesk*.

So I stood there and watched as all the blood rushed to it and my whole foot turned purple! I thought I was going to pass out/throw up (whichever came first!) Then the purple dissipated and it went back to its normal colour (albeit twice the size it should be).

Dude came to help me load up and I pretended nothing happened! Hot damn though, trying to put my shoes on this morning? NOT FUN!

But yeah, so another low point of my morning today was laying out all these timbers I loaded (and unloaded single handed yesterday) and finding that 50% of them are warped and cant be used! D'oh.


The only funny point so far today was when the contractor basically called the electrician a sissy for not wanting to drill through asbestos sheeting! I was in hysterics inside as I listened to the old codger telling the electrician to just drill through it
- But it's asbestos!
- Pfft. So?
- So I guess if you use a vacuum to suck up the dust as you drill...
- *rolls his eyes* Here I'll do it.


  1. OMG I feel comradarie with you, I have renovation work going on and there are dinks and nicks and scratches going on, so for every two steps he fixes and makes better, I have more added to my "to do list" its SO frustrating.

    I'm using the mantra "this too shall pass" on a regular basis to survivie it all!

  2. Oh goodness! You're a busy bee! I hope your foot comes back down to size and feels better soon! Funny about the asbestos, but hope all else gets on track!



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