Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday. The new Monday.

I was having such a bad day today. I used to look forward to Fridays all week but lately they are just the worst day of the week for me! Every Friday for the past few months at least three things have gone wrong. Today it was having an agent tell me that our investment property is worth far less than we thought. She was also shocked at the rent we were receiving and did not expect that they could match it if we wanted to hang onto it instead of selling.

Then some work we were having done on our development property has turned out to look AWFUL, and we have committed to paying $5,000 for it - and I hate it! Also the guy didnt even turn up today, which means that it sets us back and we cant spend the weekend doing what we were going to do, and it sets everything back by a week! I had a good ol' freak out and rang my love swearing like a sailor about "those fucking asshats doing it all wrong and not turning up".

But then something good happened (more later), and here I sit in my nice house watching my monster baby play with grated cheese and cucumber in his highchair, and I am forced to count my blessings. I have a wonderful life. Sometimes you really need to sit back and appreciate what you have. And I have a lot to appreciate.

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