Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Puppy Party - part one

The Table:

We had puppy paw prints leading up the driveway, through the entrance and up the stairs to the party. This was great as it meant we did not have to run downstairs to open the door every time someone arrived...they all followed the paw prints!

The banner I made - ignore the "blank" ones - I removed his real name (clearly his real name is not Monster! *gasp* SCANDAL!!)

You can see my Martha Stewart efforts paid off with my pompom there - I have a tutorial on how I made them coming up in a few days - they were very easy!

The Great Wall of Monster. Birth to his First Birthday - my favourite photos. This was a real hit with our guests who spent a lot of time oohing and ahhing over the cuteness that is Monster!

Every table at every party needs fresh flowers. These are from our backyard...very handy...and in the co-ordinating party colours!! And a thankyou in a frame. My favourite part of the decorations.

One of my favourite creations! I printed out the design, my partner laminated it and put double sided adhesive on the front and we stuck the design on the back of clear plastic plates. So simple but SO effective. Will definitely be doing this from now on for all my parties!

A standard at all my parties are dips with pita chips. Simply take a pita bread, and use a cookie cutter to cut shapes out. Stick into the oven at a moderate temperature for about 6 minutes. So tasty and so much healthier than fried potato chips! I have cookie cutters for all occasions...its one thing I spend my money on when deciding on a cookie cutters! I have quite a collection now!

One of the small tables on our roof deck with some dress ups for the kids. I also had home made playdough (in a co-ordinating colour of course!!) and musical instruments for the kids and adults to play with.
Party bags and favours. I designed and made all of the co-ordinating stationery items - the party hats, the blowers/horns, the water bottle labels, the gift bags etc. using the puppy paper I posted earlier. The bubbles had stickers of easter pictures on was easy to make stickers out of my designs to go over the top! I do wish I had managed to find a set of all green bubble it matched ;)

These were the favours we gave out to everyone who attended (only the kids got gift bags). They were very well received and SO SIMPLE to make! I actually plan on posting this recipe later in the week, it is a traditional family recipe (from the german side of my family) for honey biscuits. They are divine. I've been having one with my morning cup of tea every day this week!

And of course...the BIRTHDAY CAKE! Isn't it a hoot? I've tried so many times to make fancy shaped cakes for all sorts of occasions and they never turn out the way they look in my head. This one came out perfectly and was so incredibly simple. Everyone thought it was fantastic and laughed a lot too. Monster loved picking the cocoa bombs off the top and eating them!

Last but not least...these are the favours I made for each child at 3am the night before the party! They each got to adopt a puppy, I made adoption certificates and got them to sign them and name their puppy. This is what I meant when I said NEVER AGAIN! But they were so darn adorable that it was worth it!

More photos to come later in the week of more party goodness...and the recipe and a few craft tutes too. Oh and stay tuned for my massive IVF rant...yeah good times over here!


  1. OMG!!!! How cute!!! You did an incredible job. And I have to confess right now... I will be stealing many of your ideas for a party for Blue Bird - guaranteed!!!

  2. Oh - I have to tell you.... the code they have you type in here to confirm you're a human... the one for my message above was PREGO. :o) Gotta be a sign!

  3. Oh my goodness you are super creative! Wow! Your photography is top notch too!

    ICLW #59

  4. Wow!! I wish I cld've been there! You did fantabulous! Now that I see your photos on a string, it made me remember that I wanted to do the same, and somehow forgot - until now, almost 2 months later. Lol. The pita chips are awesome, and I may have to steal that w/ the cookie cutters, and the clear plates idea too. Awesome job!!

  5. How absolutely amazing. Seriously, I am in complete awe. I hope to bookmark this for ideas for my baby's one year party one day (knock on wood, salt over shoulder, insert superstition here). I havent met him yet but I'm convinced my theme will be monkeys.

    GREAT ideas!!!

    And it makes me doubly mad on your behalf that people didn't come that said they would. How rude. Seeing your lovely party reinforces though that it really was ALL THEIR LOSS.

  6. Love it! Our boy is almost 11 months, so guess I better get planning--*gulp*! Am definitely stealing the wall of photos idea--would steal them all but I'm not quite that ambitious :) Fabulous job with your guy's party!

  7. So...would you be willing to post some details on how you made all these awesome decorations, favors, and foodstuffs? Because that would make it a lot easier for me to steal some of your awesomeness..if you're willing to share, of course :)



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