Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Whole Year of Monsterish Goodness

It is so hard to believe, but my ickle baby Monster is officially one year old today. To be honest with you, I was never sure we would even make it this far. The pure terror of losing him has faded, but we still check on him four or five times a night.

He is such a funny little rabbit. He smiles constantly and can light up a room.

It is impossible to be cross at him, as he endeavours to make you laugh constantly.

He is obsessed with animals, in particular dogs and birds. If he sees one his eyes widen, and he points while shrieking "ooh ooh OOH".

He thinks his eldest brother is hi-larious (oh dear) and has a curious fascination with anything that was his star-brothers (decorations, toys, outfits, photos).

He adores sushi. I gave it to him once (as a joke) and he wouldn't give it back!

He is now walking more than crawling and can say "Mama" but no one is sure he even knows he is doing it!

For his birthday he had a morning tea complete with dog bone shaped cakes, lemon crisps and arrowroot biscuits. He had special birthday sushi for lunch and a trip to the markets and walk at the beach.

His big party is still to come in a few weeks time.

Happy Birthday
ittle Monster

We love you so much.

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  1. Congratulations on the boy's first birthday! Wow! Did that go fast?
    You constantly amaze and surprise me that you are a mother, home- maker, general contractor for two properties, wife and you have a job too. And the whole dogsbody thing cracks me up - just because no- one in the US has a clue what it means. I like girl Friday too. Me, I'm a Jackie of all trades and a mistress of none!
    Hope you get some down time sometime soon!:)
    thanks for all your supportive comments on my blog:)

  2. Happy happy birthday. And congrats to the moms for making it through this hard, hard year.

  3. Oh - a big happy birthday! It feels like the day they turn 1 - you realize you've been holding your breath the whole year. Give that little monster a squeeze for me!

  4. Happy 1st Birthday!! And Yay for sushi! :) Amazing how fast it goes!

  5. A whole year! Wow! Congrats. You both sound pretty lucky to have shared the last year with each other!

  6. Happy Birthday Big Boy! many, many, MORE!!!



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